If you’ve followed the “guns-n-gear” industry at all in the last few years, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard of Blue Force Gear (BFG).  These guys have been leading the way with their use of laser-cut laminate fabric technologies, making for some incredibly tough and lightweight material.  I’ve previously had the pleasure of reviewing their RackMINUS and a couple smaller pouches.  Today I’m taking a quick look at the Micro Wallet.

The Micro Wallet is another of BFG’s products made from ULTRAcomp, the incredibly thin and durable laminated material mentioned in the opening shot.  ULTRAcomp is used to make body armor plate carriers, mag pouches and other assorted heavy-duty gear;  so it’s certainly tough enough to be pressed into duty carrying your portable financial distribution devices.  The Micro Wallet’s ULTRAcomp is cut to exacting dimensions using a laser, ensuring you won’t have trouble stuffing your driver’s license back in.

Blue Force Gear Micro Wallet | Valuable(s) protection

Speaking of drivers licenses, that’s the right size of card for the Micro Wallet.  As well as debit cards, business cards and the like.  With its simple two-pocket design, the Micro Wallet would be right at home on a business trip or say, at SHOT show where your ID, debit card and a stack of business cards are all you need.  Old fashioned paper fiat currency needs to be folded twice to fit, making this a less-likely choice for that one guy we all know with a massive wad of $1 bills on him at all times.