Blue Force Gear has got a pretty good thing going. They don’t create a ton of different gear, but what they do create often sets the industry standard. They also take chances and gear that unconventional, but well thought out. The Blue Force Gear Ten Speed chest rig is both unconventional and quite well thought out.

Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig | First Look
Rear View of the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig

What’s unconventional about the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest rig is the magazine pouches. Instead of MOLLE based pouches, the 4 magazine pouches are elastic. These elastic pouches each hold a single M4 magazine. On the left and right side is a 3 x 3 section of MOLLE to mount additional accessories. Blue Force Gear fans probably remember the older Ten Speed chest rig, with six elastic pouches. I think this is a better idea because you have room to add some pistol pouches, knives, admin pouches, radio pouches, etc.


Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig Specs

If you live by the motto that ounces equals pounds and pounds equal pain then the Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig is for you. It weighs a mere 11.25 ounces when empty. Weight wise for comparisons a Pmag Gen 2 unloaded weighs 4.9 ounces

Unloaded The Ten Speed Chest rig can be folded and carried in a cargo pocket if need be. However, compact the kit is fully adjustable for guys my size. (6’4’’ 250 pounds) It appears to be adjustable enough to fit guys and gals much smaller than me. Even adjusted to my size there is plenty of room to go even bigger.

Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig | First Look


The M4 mag pouches could easily be used for other tasks, like smoke grenades, radios, tourniquets, etc. The elastic is military grade is tight as hell. Getting magazines into place does take two hands and you really have to shove them in. Once the magazines are in place they are held tightly and are going nowhere.