For decades, laser weapons have captivated imaginations, conjuring images of Star Wars blasters scorching across the silver screen. Yet, the reality remained stubbornly out of reach, trapped in the realm of futuristic dreams.

Enter BlueHalo, a Virginia-based defense startup that’s rewriting the narrative.

Led by Jonathan Moneymaker, a man driven by both purpose and experience, BlueHalo is no longer just chasing a dream—it’s delivering a laser revolution to the US Army.

A Mission Fueled by Purpose and Loss

Moneymaker’s story, according to Business Insider, underscores the emotional drive behind BlueHalo’s relentless pursuit.

His brother, a Navy Lieutenant, tragically lost his life in service. This personal loss fuels a mission that extends beyond profit margins; it’s about protecting those who defend our nation.

“I’m a gold star brother, which means my brother was killed in the Navy,” Moneymaker said in an interview with the media outlet. “Technology could have saved his life. And part of this is making sure that others have that opportunity.”

However, translating sentiment into battlefield solutions requires more than just passion.

Here’s where BlueHalo’s unique blend of experience and agility comes into play.