Well, not really but it did set a speed record for the fastest transatlantic flight maxing out at a groundspeed of 776 mph.

It zoomed from New York to London at a mind-blowing 776mph and took just five hours and 13 minutes – almost a whole hour quicker.

And after touching down at Gatwick and shaving 53 minutes off the flight duration, the pilot then revealed: “We could have flown faster.”

Captain van Dam said: “We were actually in the air for just over five hours and if it had not been for forecasted turbulence at lower altitude, we could have flown even faster.”

Captain Van Dam told Mail Online: “When flying we record groundspeed – like a car travelling on the ground – and airspeed due to the varying wind speeds experienced during flight. “Therefore, our airspeed was at Mach 0.85, below Mach 1.0 needed to go supersonic and break the sound barrier.”

The plane still set the new record for the fastest transatlantic flight in a subsonic passenger aircraft, last set by a British Airways aircraft in 2015, which was able to fly from JFK to London Heathrow in five hours and 16 minutes. – Daily Star

Featured image MercerMJ via public domain