Boeing has ignited its afterburners on two crucial fronts, according to recent press releases.

The aerospace giant is soaring towards advancements in both unmanned aerial refueling technology and the development of the T-7A Red Hawk, the next-generation jet trainer for the US Air Force.

These breakthroughs promise to revolutionize how the US military conducts air operations and prepares its future fighter pilots.

Refueling Reimagined: MUM-T Takes the Stage

One of the most significant developments comes in the form of Boeing’s manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) software.

This groundbreaking technology allows a single F/A-18 pilot to control an MQ-25 Stingray drone for aerial refueling.

This eliminates the need for a dedicated crew member piloting the drone, streamlining communication and offering greater flexibility during long-distance missions.