Boeing, among the renowned American aerospace manufacturers, marked a significant milestone as its advanced F-15QA Ababil fighter aircraft made its debut landing on Friday, November 10, in Dubai for the highly anticipated Dubai Air Show.

Operated by the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF), this sophisticated fighter aircraft promises to be a spectacle in the event, set to kick off on November 13 alongside other aviation and defense companies that are also there to showcase cutting-edge technologies and capabilities.

F-15QA’s participation in the event is a strategic move to demonstrate not only its advanced capabilities but also Boeing’s confidence in its ability to secure additional orders in an era dominated by fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

The Arrival in Dubai

Boeing shared a captivating video on X, formerly Twitter, featuring the arrival of two F-15QA Ababil fighter aircraft in Dubai.

Both aircraft, making their first appearance at an air show, were welcomed with a grand debut landing – a significant moment for the Qatar Emiri Air Force and showcasing the culmination of years of development and collaboration between Boeing and Qatar.