Brazilian President Jai Bolsonaro supports a civilian “army” by implementing looser gun policies, allowing many to own firearms.

The 67-year-old ex-army captain promised the country to “give my life to defend our freedom.” And now, one way he’s reportedly doing that is by allowing Brazilians to have an accessible process for gun ownership.

Wagner Carneiro, a former Brazilian army sergeant, said he needed the gun to protect his family. Carneiro cited a previous incident when a man asked for random directions and then suddenly pointed a gun to his head and stole his mobile phone. He believes that with a weapon, incidents like these would be more preventable.

Many are thanking Bolsonaro after the implementation of the new policy as the country loosens restrictions on gun ownership for civilians.

“Expanding the right of the population to bear arms has been one of Bolsonaro’s main electoral promises from day one,” says Fábio Zanini, a columnist for Folha de S.Paulo, a leading Brazilian newspaper. “Gun owners are one of his main electoral bases.”

Schutzenfest Poster (Source: Schützenfest Jaraguá/Facebook)

Aside from Brazilians expanding their interests around gun ownership, a lot of private-owned gun stores are thriving. In addition, there are various shooting tournaments happening all over Brazil, including the large-scale Schützenfest, where nationals of German descent can join and participate. The event will also include beer-drinking parades like Oktoberfest (but with guns).

Moreover, shooting ranges’ income has also increased this year, with new people (amateur and enthusiasts) coming in every day to practice. An average of one shooting range per day has opened since Bolsonaro’s election to office, according to the translation from the Brazilian website UOL.

Brazilians are also finding similarities to American counterparts who are claiming their “Second Amendment” rights to own a firearm.