Despite criticism from many human rights advocates Dinko Valev has made a name for himself as a self proclaimed ISIS bounty hunter in the country of Bulgaria. Bulgaria shares a border with Turkey and according to the 29-year-old Valev migrants are crossing that border without authorization and they may be terrorists.

Claiming to already have ‘troop carriers’ in his arsenal Valev now says he purchased an attack helicopter to use in his efforts to track down potential jihadists in Bulgaria.


Dinko Valev, 29, has already amassed a private arsenal of military-spec vehicles, leading human rights activists to worry his vigilante actions are being supported by the Bulgarian government.

His latest purchase has led to questions over where the ex-wrestler got the huge fortune to help pay for the flying war machine.

He once described his “hunts”, telling Bulgarian national TV: “I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. You can’t describe sportsmen as violent.” – The Sun

ISIS has reportedly issued a $50,000 bounty on Valev’s head. Of course, the pictures released of Valev and his military surplus attack helicopter look intimidating, but there is no indication the aircraft is even functional.

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