In today’s ever expanding and changing world of weapons optics there always seems to be something new on the horizon. There are options that cost anywhere from $49 all the way to $1200 the only limitation is your wallet. Recently we had a chance to pick up the Ruger 22/45 Lite and we noticed it had a rail on top of it, so we decided it was begging for some form of small red dot optic to there. I mean they wouldn’t put it there if they didn’t want us to use it so we started the wheels of creativity spinning. We wanted to search for a cost effective and small optic for a pistol or rifle, one that was made by a reputable manufacturer, would look good and function well. The other major attribute was that it couldn’t break our budget so after much searching we decided on the Burris FastFire II.

The Burris FastFire II is a 4 MOA red dot optic that has decreased in price over the last few months, that’s not because it is somehow inferior to other optics, it’s just that it is no longer the cutting edge optic it use to be. Also many shooters feel that a 4 MOA dot is somehow beneath them, I however don’t feel that way because this optic is going on a pistol not a varmint rifle. This affordable little red dot optic would be completely at home on top of any pistol, rifle or shotgun that you own, and if it for some weird reason can’t handle the shock of whatever rifle you happen to use it on, it comes with a lifetime warranty, thats hard to beat.




MODEL: FastFire II