The Justice Department charged nine people in New York and Connecticut for being part of a network that illegally procures US tech for the Russian military.

The Biden administration announced that they would be a round of criminal charges and sanctions on the participants of this complicated scheme. Apparently, these individuals bypass sanctions by the fraudulent acquisition of tech from US manufacturers, then supply them to Russia. Two oil brokers from Venezuela were arrested for this scheme. Additionally, the defendants were laundering tens and millions of dollars from Russian businessmen other other “sanctioned entities.”

“As I have said, our investigators and prosecutors will be relentless in their efforts to identify, locate, and bring to justice those whose illegal acts undermine the rule of law and enable the Russian regime to continue its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.

The New York-based defendants were all Russian nationals, and only two have been arrested. There were four defendants in the Connecticut case; three were Latvian and one Ukrainian. They are currently in the custody of US authorities, according to AP.