Israel and Iran currently have one of the most significant conflicts today. Both Middle Eastern powers are engaging in a shadow war that has expanded across different regions.

Initially, a tit-for-tat conflict, the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, and numerous fronts taking place in the region are bringing both Tel Aviv and Tehran closer to direct war than ever.

Israel-Hamas War

Against the backdrop of the heinous October 7th terrorist attacks by Hamas, Israel would immediately declare war for the first time in several decades.

The resulting war is amongst the most brutal in modern urban warfare. Close to two million Palestinians have been displaced by the fierce fighting between the IDF, Hamas organization, and various other Gazan militant groups.

The majority of Hamas’ battalions are defunct, and much of their existing rocket force has been decimated. Nevertheless, the jihadist group can swell its ranks through the standoff in Rafah or by gaining sympathies amongst the locals due to the brutality of the war thus far.

Currently, the Biden administration and Netanyahu cabinet are engaged in a diplomatic standoff, arguably pushing both countries’ diplomatic levels to a low not seen since the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War.