China has delivered three anti-aircraft missile systems in a covert delivery to Serbia over the weekend in what is believed to be the biggest overseas airlift using the Chinese Y-20 transport planes. This is reportedly part of Serbia’s efforts of bolstering its military capabilities through a purchase deal that also includes drones.

Serbia, a Russian ally, purchased these missiles in 2020 together with the CH-92A attack and reconnaissance drones. It had received its attack drones in 2020, which made Serbia the first country in Europe to field the Chinese-made UAV. The recent delivery was reportedly a battery of FK-3 medium-range surface-to-air missiles (SAM), the export version of the HQ-22 SAM system. However, the exact contents of the cargo could not be independently verified. However, Hong Kong-based military expert Liang Guoliang said that Serbia bought three FK-3 missile systems, three launcher vehicles, a command vehicle, and additional missiles. He also estimated that it would need to be delivered with 12 Y-20 planes.