The growing number of kidnapped and unlawfully detained dissidents in China were at the center of the attention of the UN Human Rights Council’s 33rd session last week in Geneva. Addressing the council, Angela Gui, a 22-year old student and daughter of bookseller and free expression advocate Gui Minhai, asked the Council to make sure that her father’s case–and the situation of the growing number of unlawfully detained dissidents in China–stays a priority in its work.

Gui Minhai, and four of his colleagues–writers and booksellers associated with Mighty Current publishing house in Hong Kong–all disappeared one after the other between October and December 2015. On 17 October 2015, Gui Minhai was abducted from his apartment in Pattaya, Thailand by unknown people. Two weeks later, four men came to search his apartment and took with them his laptop and other personal items.

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