The Chinese and Pakistani navies started their joint naval exercises off the coast of Shanghai. The drills are set to last four days and involve Pakistan’s most advanced China-built battleship. The activities will lay the groundwork for deeper “security cooperation” between China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean.

According to statements made by both nations, they conducted the exercises with the intention of “jointly dealing with maritime security threats.” According to a source in the Communist Party-controlled Global Times, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command Navy stated that the frigate Xiangtan, the corvette Shuozhou, the supply ship Qiandaohu, two fighter jets, and a submarine would participate in the military exercises.

According to a statement released on Sunday by Captain Liu Wensheng, a spokesperson for the PLA Navy, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy and the Pakistan Navy have entered into an agreement that will allow the two naval forces to undertake a joint naval drill called Sea Guardians-2 in the maritime and aerial spaces off the coast of Shanghai in the middle of July.

The military drills will supposedly enhance the capacity of the Pakistan Navy to deal with maritime threats to guarantee coastal defense. According to Moil Ul Haque, it will also allow them to continue to uphold peace and stability and preserve the delicate power dynamics in the Indian Ocean region.