China is still circling Taiwan, conducting daily military exercises, months after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the country. Now that tensions are rising, with various diplomatic conversations between the US and China happening, Biden says he’s ready to deploy US troops if and when the need arises.

In an interview with CBS, US President Joe Biden said that the US is ready to support Taiwan if China attacks.

“Yes, if in fact, there was an unprecedented attack,” Biden said.

However, this was immediately overturned by the White House, clarifying that the US remains neutral when it comes to the China-Taiwan pledge. Furthermore, the White House said they are maintaining the US policy of no military commitment with Taiwan.

But, even with the White House “clarifying” Biden’s seemingly impulsive remarks, we could not remove the fact that this was said outrightly by the head of state. So, Beijing reacted with a firm statement saying they “deplore[s] and firmly oppose[s]” Biden’s remarks. The Chinese foreign minister also added that they “logged stern representations” with Washington after Biden’s CBS 60 Minutes interview, according to BBC.

President Joe Biden
President of the United States Joe Biden (Source: The White House/Wikimedia)

Earlier this month, the US agreed to sell $1.1 billion worth of weaponry to Taiwan while claiming the US stands with the One China Policy. This is also where Biden redirected this interview by saying the US is not forcing Taiwan to do anything.

“There’s a One China policy and Taiwan makes their own judgements on their independence. We are not moving, not encouraging their being independent – that’s their decision,” Biden said.

As for Taiwan, they took Biden’s remarks positively. Taipei released a statement in support of the United States, welcoming the “US government’s rock-solid security commitment to Taiwan.” Taipei also said they would continue to build a “close security partnership” with Washington.