On Tuesday, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu announced that China is ready to collaborate with Vietnam to enhance high-level communication and cooperation between their armed forces. The statement came during a meeting in Beijing between Li and his Vietnamese counterpart, Phan Van Giang.

Li noted that the current international situation is chaotic and complex, with the Asia-Pacific region’s security facing numerous challenges, according to a statement from the Chinese Defense Ministry. He emphasized the importance of both nations working together for regional peace and stability.

“China and Vietnam should continue to work hand in hand and closely unite in the new journey of socialism, safeguard the common strategic interests of the two countries, and make positive contributions to regional peace and stability,” Li said during his talks with Phan Van Giang.

China and Vietnam Relations

The tension between the two nations stems from a variety of factors. Historical disputes are a significant factor, with Vietnam accusing China of conquering and annexing its territory during the Tang and Yuan dynasties. Conversely, China claims ownership over the South China Sea and claims that the Paracel and Spratly Islands belong to them, a stance that Vietnam refuses to accept.