The ongoing tension in China and Taiwan has almost become the “new normal,” but the US government is also taking precautions. Europe’s NATO and Australia have also become involved. But it is China’s longstanding enemy that they sent words of warning to, Japan.

Chinese State-owned Media reported that Japan is “going further down a dangerous path” as Japan’s defense authority released an announcement that they will be producing long-range and hypersonic missiles as they increase their military budget in 2023. However, Chinese experts warn that this could pose as a threat to China and that Tokyo’s speeding up its plans to dominate the Indo-Pacific with its military.

“… Tokyo is speeding up the breakaway from its pacifist constitution and embracing expanding militarism, but that the country is also seeking to enhance its ability to strike.”

Chinese media also claimed that Japan’s plan to expand its arsenal means the country is gearing to break the peace and has other ambitions in the Pacific.

China is claiming Japan’s plan is to have these missiles modified to extend their range from 62 miles to 620 miles, which Chinese analysts say is quite close to China’s distance from Japan. Reports added that Japan will build these missiles to be launched either by ships or aircraft. These missiles will then be stationed around the Southern Nansei Islands, which could easily reach the coastal areas of China and North Korea, as noted by Yomiuri, another Chinese state-owned media.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships
Formation of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (Source: Maritime Self-Defense Force/Wikimedia)

However, Japan’s announcement came after China started circling Taiwan a month ago. So, this can be analyzed as a defense strategy instead of actively participating in China’s political sparring with Taiwan. In addition, Japan’s Defense Ministry plans to extend their Ground Self-Defense Force’s Type-12 surface-to-ship guided missiles, as noted in their 2023 budget. The ministry is proposing a $40 billion addition for this acquisition.

“As an island nation, Japan will be attacked from afar. So it is necessary to have a number of missiles to counterattack,” Itsunori Onodera, who heads the Liberal Democratic Party’s Research Commission on National Security, said on a Fuji TV program.

The 2023 budget is also the highest proposal sent by the ministry.