Type the words “Muzzle Device AR 15”, into Google, you’ll get almost two million results in less than half a second. Like anything for the AR 15 series of rifles, they are numerous. Some are complete crap and are made from substandard materials and did this whole fall apart thing. Luckily it’s easier to find high-quality pieces of gear because crap usually gets flushed pretty fast. One new and well-made muzzle device is the Hardened Arms Citadel LMC. Hardened Arms was gracious enough to lend me a Citadel LMC for review.


What’s a Citadel LMC?

Good Question, LMC stands for Linear Muzzle Compensator. Linear Compensators are designed to increase the comfort of shooting. This especially applies to short barreled rifles and AR pistols. Those short barrels tend to have some nasty muzzle blast, increase noise, and concussion. The Citadel LMC is designed to stop that flash and concussion from affecting the shooter.