Type the words “Muzzle Device AR 15”, into Google, you’ll get almost two million results in less than half a second. Like anything for the AR 15 series of rifles, they are numerous. Some are complete crap and are made from substandard materials and did this whole fall apart thing. Luckily it’s easier to find high-quality pieces of gear because crap usually gets flushed pretty fast. One new and well-made muzzle device is the Hardened Arms Citadel LMC. Hardened Arms was gracious enough to lend me a Citadel LMC for review.


What’s a Citadel LMC?

Good Question, LMC stands for Linear Muzzle Compensator. Linear Compensators are designed to increase the comfort of shooting. This especially applies to short barreled rifles and AR pistols. Those short barrels tend to have some nasty muzzle blast, increase noise, and concussion. The Citadel LMC is designed to stop that flash and concussion from affecting the shooter.

A linear muzzle compensator does not eliminate the flash, concussion, or sound. Instead, it pushes it forward and away from the shooter. For the shooter behind the weapon it seems quieter, but in reality, it is not. It’s simply more comfortable. For my Citadel LMC review, I utilized a full-length 16-inch barrel. Admittedly I was not using the compensator to its full ability. However, it functioned pretty well.



On my rifle, the Citadel LMC was extremely easy to mount and prepare for use. Again the Citadel  LMC was reviewed on a 5.56 16-inch barrel. The Citadel LMC noticeably reduced concussion and the perception of sound. The Citadel LMC certainly does it’s job well. It doesn’t seem to reduce recoil, and it certainly doesn’t reduce flash. Hardened Arms actually advertises the fact it doesn’t reduce flash, so this wasn’t a real expectation.

Citadel LMC

Hardened Arms even happily advertises the fact there is no flash suppression, and the increased flame signature is a good thing. Simply put it looks cool. The Citadel LMC was extremely handy when shooting in the prone position. Dirt, dust, and sand didn’t flash towards me in any way. It was all flung forward of the barrel.

Design Details

The Citadel LMC is a beefy design. It’s well made and appears to be anodized. After putting a few hundred rounds through the compensator there isn’t a single sign of wear on the Citadel LMC. The finish looks just as strong as it did on day 1. If you pay attention to the internet there has been a rash of handguards that go past the muzzle, and are being destroyed by muzzle blast. The Citadel LMC would allow for a handguard that nearly encompasses the entire break and barrel without damaging it.

The LMC is an awesome little muzzle device, that believe it or not it is not banned in California. Yet. My only complaint is its weight. It’s a hefty beast and sits at the very end of your barrel. Anyway, I like it, it functions well, looks cool, and is pretty tough. You can get one here, http://www.hardenedarms.com/ecProduct_706_84 I wouldn’t really suggest it for a standard rifle unless you are going the full-length hand guard route. An AR pistol, or Short barreled rifle it would be an excellent companion.