The 9mm GUARD from CMMG is an AR-15 pistol caliber carbine (PCC). Not just another Colt clone, the GUARD uses CMMG’s patent pending Radial Delayed Blowback system and is fed from Glock 33 round magazines. The Guard has fully functional AR-15 controls, including last round bolt hold open. The 9mm Guard is available in six models including pistols.

I have had my 9mm Guard for six weeks now and I have fired over 3000 rounds of varied ammunition. The only malfunctions I have had were magazine induced. I was an earlier adopter of the pistol caliber carbine starting with the Colt SMG, MP-5 and the Ruger Police Carbines. The Guard is a mature design which shoots like AR. The Colt pattern mags used by other guns had more than their share of problems. The Guard ran great with Glock factory magazines of all capacities and (surprisingly) functioned well with most aftermarket magazines as well.

Magazines are important and already having a bunch of Glock mags made the Guard more desirable. I partnered with my buddy and fellow writer Graham Baates for one range day. Not only does he have guns nobody wants, he has a box of misfit aftermarket “glock type” magazines and a lot of random 9mm ammunition. He generously allowed me to shoot with his stuff…a lot.

We spent most of the time shooting an 8 inch CTS plate target . Even at 100 yards, it was easy to see and hear the hits and there weren’t many misses. Even with the wide variety of ammunition, the Guard is so accurate and easy to shoot that you had to mess up pretty hard to miss.

Part of what people love about Glock mags is their reliability, but not all aftermarket “Glock” mags are created equal. We tried an old Korean 33 round mag, a new Korean mag (which I really liked), a Jagemann mag and an ETS mag. They all ran great with a variety of ammunition. The ProMag didn’t feed well but to be fair, it didn’t run well in a Glock handgun either.

Some Pistol Caliber Carbines are funny about hollow point ammo. This is a significant issue if you are considering using a PCC for home defense. I would not hesitate to use the Guard around the house. Thirty-three rounds on 9MM JHP should solve most domestic issues, the sight of that giant magazine alone should have a certain calming effect on most would be criminals.

We shoot the following with no issue:

115gr Armscor RH