Combat Focus® Shooting is an intuitive program designed to help the student be more efficient in the context of a dynamic critical incident. “CFS” was developed from reality based concepts and is deeply grounded in behavioral science.

I first heard about CFS from 10th Special Forces guys who had gotten CFS as part of pre-deployment training.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I read the book, Combat Focus Shooting by Rob Pincus and I went through a 2 day CFS class when I got back from Afghanistan. I learned a lot and it dramatically changed how I shot and what I taught about shooting.

Rob Pincus developed CFS over a period of years. With the advent of the “dash-camera” era of law enforcement and the availability of high quality security camera videos, Pincus saw a disparity between the what was taught on the range and behavior during actual shootings. The good guys were were improvising their responses when forced to suddenly defend themselves against violence. Their training had had not prepared them for a real fight.

Tony Blauer‘s research on ambush attacks led Pincus to an understanding of the natural human reactions when attacked. CFS is as much a philosophy  as a training system. There are some central drills, but no dogma. If it works it has value, it must work 100% of the time.