Ever wondered how people in the military deal with sleep deprivation? They’ve got super demanding schedules and high-stress environments, and they often have to make do with just a few hours of shut-eye. But here’s the thing – they’ve got some clever techniques.

Lack of sleep is not just about feeling groggy the next day. It can seriously affect your mood, productivity, and overall health. Now, if you’re thinking, “Great, another thing to worry about,” hold on a sec. We have some cool stuff to share that might help you battle those sleepless nights.

So, whether you’re battling insomnia, having an irregular sleep schedule, or just looking for better quality Zs, why not check out these military-inspired strategies? 

From exercise routines that’ll help you sleep like a baby to sleep hygiene habits that’ll turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, we’ve got some tips you can try.

Military-Inspired Techniques to Combat Sleep Deprivation

There are simple ways to combat sleep deprivation, most of them rooted in getting regular exercise and keeping a constant sleep schedule. But here are some other tactics that aren’t on your usual list. 

Caffeine Napping 

Sounds weird, right? How can you drink caffeine and then nap? Here’s the trick: caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in. So if you quickly down a cup of joe and immediately grab a quick 20-minute nap, you’ll wake up just as the caffeine hits your system.