The Marine Corps has received its first request from an enlisted female Marine to join the infantry ranks, an official confirmed today.

Marine Capt. Philip Kulczewski said the Corps had received a lateral move request from a female Marine to join a unit ground combat Marine occupational specialty.

“These requests take time, and to help put things in perspective, lateral-move processes involve counseling, reviewing physical readiness, completing resident Professional Military Education, individual performance, competiveness in MOS and ultimately needs of the Marine Corps,” he said, using the acronym for military occupational specialty.

“This process ensures the Marine Corps will adhere to its standards and will continue its emphasis on combat readiness,” he added.

A source with knowledge of the request said the Marine was a lance corporal. The Marine had requested a job in an 03XX MOS, the source said, indicating one of a number of previously closed jobs in the infantry field.


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