In modern warfare, combat is no longer fully focused on gun fights. As our guns, explosives, and military vehicles have advanced, so are our military tactics. Years of conflicts and wars made us realize that if you can make your enemies think that they are about to die, regardless of whether it’s real or not, you’ve already won half of the battle.

The psychological warfare that history has known before, still intending to crush the adversaries’ hopes, has also evolved, consciously or unconsciously. Here are some modern military tactics that proved to destroy the enemy’s morale.

Iran’s Human Waves of Children

What’s more devastating than seeing children run toward enemy lines, brainwashed that they would go to heaven?

US Army analyst Edward C. O’Dowd defined the human wave attack tactic as a frontal assault by densely concentrated infantry formations against an enemy line with no intention of shielding the attacker’s movement. The goal of the wave is not necessarily to kill the enemies but to hopefully overwhelm them with the vast number of attackers and force them to retreat.