It is no secret I love CZ firearms. In a world of polymer, striker fired guns the CZs are overlooked. CZ’s biggest problem is not producing a lightweight, compact, concealed carry firearm, but that is another discussion for another time. Today we are talking about the CZ P09, formerly the CZ P09 Duty. The Duty moniker was dropped, and now the P09 is CZ’s full-size polymer handgun. Designed for police and military work the CZ P09 is a big gun. This full sized beast is good for open carry and is not for the faint of heart for concealed carry.

The CZ P09 boasts a cold hammer forged 4.53 inch barrel. In 9mm it has a 19+1 standard capacity. The newer models come with +2 base plates for a total capacity of 21+1. You’ll recognize this is well above normal, with most full sized 9mms holding 17+1 at best. The CZ P09 does not play around when it comes to capacity. The weapon is a double action / single action design. The CZ P09 can be converted from decocker or safety, and the factory provides options for both. The CZ P09 utilizes the same Omega trigger system as modern CZ 75s. The Omega system is insanely simple, but we’ll talk about that later.

The CZ P09 comes in a variety of different models. The standard is a black frame with blued slide and barrel. There is a suppressor ready version which is the same as the standard with a threaded barrel. There is also the newer suppressor version, with a Ghost grey frame, suppressor height sights, and a threaded barrel. The model being reviewed here is the FDE variant with night sights.

If you don’t like Glocks you’ll love the CZ P09. Nothing against Glocks, but they have a number of features I do not care for. First and foremost the CZ P09 has zero finger grooves, and the grip is well checkered from the factory. The weapon is hammer fired so you have the ability to restrike. The factory night sights are superbly bright in low light. The sights give a very clear picture at day and night.