It was a horrific day in Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979 when the military allegedly lost 60 Green Berets in action while fighting against an enemy force whose troops were said to be some 7ft tall and gray. Of course, we are talking about space aliens here, in a battle deep underground in a secret(Aren’t they always?) tunnel where aliens and humans lived together.

At least that was what a man named Philip Schneider claims to have happened in what he called the Dulce Base Catastrophe.  Schneider not only witnessed the event but he helped set off the battle.

Philip Schneider

Schnieder was a civilian employee working for the US government. He has been variously described as an explosives expert, a structural engineer, and a geologist. He claimed to be the son of a U-boat commander who was captured by the Allied Forces and decided to switch sides. He also claimed that his father was part of the Philadelphia Experiment in October 1943, when a newly-commissioned destroyer called USS Eldridge supposedly disappeared from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and was reportedly seen in the Naval Shipyard in Virginia before returning back to Philadelphia in a matter of few minutes. (We covered the full story here.)

His high-level security clearance allowed him to be part of the construction of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), which is quite an interesting acronym. He claimed knowledge of all sorts of classified information including his allegation that the U.S. maintains 129 underground bases all over the U.S. interconnected with a vast tunnel system with trains and shuttles running in them.