Various accounts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly attacking an oil depot located in Belgorod, Russia, had surfaced on social media, complete with photographs and video evidence. The city is said to be 18 miles from the border of Ukraine, making it a prime target for a counter-offensive.

It’s important to note that the incident is not claimed by Ukraine and cannot be verified by SOFREP and other media outlets as war is really vulnerable to propaganda and false-flag attacks. With this being said, we’re prepared to give you any updates when more information arises.

Russian officials from Belgorod reported that a pair of Ukrainian Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters crossed into Russia and struck an oil depot and other buildings, destroying various infrastructure in the industrial center of the city. The alleged attack happened pre-dawn, with the helicopters flying at low altitudes to avoid detection by Russian radars. A video on Twitter puts the attack date at 04/01/2022 at around 5:43 AM, with the helicopters all blacked out, launching rockets to the oil facility. The oil depot was said to be owned by the Russian oil firm Rosneft.