An examination of Beijing’s strategy changes is provided in the China Military Power Report.

The China Military Power Report of 2022 surveys the issues facing the American military as it attempts to maintain ties with the rising nation.

China’s rise is the greatest threat to national security and a free and open international system. While the report was released, a senior defense official who spoke anonymously said China’s military ambition and intention are becoming increasingly apparent. He said it was essential to figure out what the PLA’s way of war would look like, assess their current activities and modernizing capabilities, evaluate their future military modernization goals, and understand their military modernization goals.

An official said China’s strategy “is a determined pursuit to amass and expand its national power to transform — at least — aspects of the international system to make it more favorable to the PRC’s political system and national interests.” This is a crucial element of both domestic and foreign policy initiatives.

The official said that the PLA’s more coercive and aggressive actions in the Indo-Pacific region are part of a trend. We would call certain of these behaviors dangerous, he said. This includes PLA ships and aircraft exhibiting dangerous and unprofessional conduct.

“It’s important to understand the contours of [Peoples’ Liberation Army] modernization to include their thinking about what the PLA’s way of war would look like, to kind of survey their current activities and modernizing capabilities and to assess their future military modernization goals,” he said to reporters prior to the release of the report.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III noted during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart on the sidelines of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers meeting in Cambodia last week that this issue was addressed.

People's Armed Police Squad
(Source: BrokenSphere/Wikimedia)

China is working to enhance the PLA’s strategic deterrence capabilities. China broadly defines this element as nuclear, space, cyber, electronic warfare, and counter-space capabilities.