Around our house, we take coffee very seriously. We’ve tried it all: Moka Pot, French Press, Drip, Burr grinders, you name it. Recently we’ve found that a simple cup of pour over coffee is the way to go. There’s a precise amount for the coffee to water ratio, temperature, drip time, rest time, grind setting etc. It’s probably excessive, scratch that, it’s definitely excessive, but there’s nothing better than a great cup of coffee to start out your day.

Because it’s our indulgence, while planning any type of overnight outing, the question always comes up: are we bringing our coffee?

GSI Outdoor Drip Coffee MakerWhile it sounds perfect to sit outside while camping and drink the optimum brew, lugging the Chemex, scale, grinder etc., out into the elements never seems to work as planned. So we began searching for a solution that would allow us to reduce the coffee gear without having to sacrifice too much of the quality.

I’ve tried many types of instant coffee, and while there are some that are definitely better than others (ahem, VIA), it just doesn’t cut it.  We’ve also tried the portable French press, but it’s too messy and you end up with the dregs too often in your cup which makes for a bitter taste.