Editors Note;  Members are encouraged to send us original articles they have written for publication. Today we are sharing with you a piece on dry firing that came to us from “Marshal,”  an operator in the Portuguese Special Operations Forces. Marshal began his military career in 2005 at the Military Academy of Portugal. In 2012, he attended the Special Operations Course, Parachuting Course, Operational Freefall Course, and Sniper Course, and has deployed to Mali and Iraq. 

Dry Firing in Support of Individual and Small Tactical Unit Training

Nowadays, the complexity of missions and tasks, the evolution of weapons and equipment, and the constant need to maintain a high level of technical and tactical proficiency, coupled with demanding safety levels, force operatives to invent new training techniques.

Shooting is one of the activities that require the most training. In order to make shooting training safer and more efficient, dry firing is the best addition to live ammunition training.

Dry firing is the act of simulating the firing of a firearm without any ammunition in the gun, in the magazines used for training, or even in the training zone. Dry firing practice consists of training in the safe handling of any type of firearm, without the use of live ammunition, with the goal of shooting better.