In today’s fast paced world trying to get a full workout in can be difficult on a normal day. We get busy with our careers, family, social media, running kids to hockey practice, soccer games, dance recitals, and the myriad of other activities that seem to eat up our 24 hour days. No one wakes up first thing in the morning hoping they don’t get to workout, it just happens when you aren’t intentional about scheduling time for a workout. Once you’ve come home from a full day’s work and errands, grabbing your gym bag, getting in your car, and driving to a gym can be the last thing you want to do.

The physiological and psychological benefits of properly working out on a regular basis are well documented. Increased strength, increased libido, improved moods, and the body’s ability to more easily fend off disease, as well as the effects of aging, are some of the obvious benefits to an active lifestyle. With all these benefits proven time and time again, why do we still find it so hard to workout regularly? For me, it comes down to time and accessibility. This brings about an interesting question, “What can we do to make working out more accessible?” Having a full gym at home would certainly make things easier, but it’s incredibly expensive and space can be a issue. So how can we get a workout in at home that is cost effective, and does not take up your parking space in the garage?

One option is the Bowflex 552 Selec Tech adjustable dumbbells. They run around $300 a set. These are selectable weight dumbbells that can be adjusted from 5lbs to 52.5 lbs per dumbbell. It replaces an entire rack of conventional fixed weight dumbbells, taking up only a couple square feet, and saving you space in your workout area. The Bowflex 552’s allow the user to perform almost any exercise that was previously done with fixed weight dumbbells.

Easy and Adjustable Dumbbells on the Go
Dumbbell selection mechanism

Product: Bowflex 552 Select Tech Dumbbells