Lately my actual patrol pack fell out of favor because of numerous flaws I began to have with it. I then began looking for a replacement.

I first set my sights on the Mystery Ranch because having tried a buddy’s SATL, I knew that Mystery Ranch had all the right design features I was looking for. What killed it for me was the price tag. At 400CAD, I could not afford this pack.

I then had a look at another buddy Eberlestock Dragonfly. Being a sniper, he needed a pack in which he could carry his precision rifle while carrying his carbine on patrol. Although the Dragonfly wasn’t something well suited for me, it gave me an opportunity to analyze the construction of the pack and other features. I visited a local army store that stocked Eberlestock and I found the G1 Little Brother.

The main features I was looking for in these packs for were the following: