The EDGE Competition Trigger System with reduced pre-travel, is ready to go as soon as you are on target. You will get a quick, clean trigger break allowing you to shoot more accurately because of reduced muzzle movement. The short crisp reset will help your follow up shots to hit their mark. Let the trigger teach you, as you get the feedback you need to sharpen your trigger control skills.

The over-travel can be adjusted with the hex key provided. Just shoot and enjoy what a precision trigger can do for your game. APPROVED by USPSA and IDPA. For use in USPSA / Limited, Limited 10 and IDPA / ESP, CDP, CCP Divisions.

For competition use only


I have had the “The Edge” from on my competition gun for almost a year now.  I have taken it to a couple of schools and shot numerous matches. After 5000 rounds, it looks and shoots like new.  The Edge smooths the stock trigger pull of Gen 1-3 series Glock Pistols, creating a consistent and crisp trigger.  By changing the springs, you can adjust the trigger break as light as you want.

My groups at 25 yards were cut in half in size.  You can’t use precision parts as a crutch if you can’t shoot, but when you are ready to go to the next level, you can see the difference.


I also added a PWS Enhanced Duty Slide-17a, a KKM Precision barrel, Glock Grip Force Adaptor,  Glock OEM extended slide stop and magazine release. In my mind, this is everything you need for a 3 gun match gun.

You can get your Edge at