The black boxes from the doomed EgyptAir flight that went down into the Mediterranean last month, killing 66 people, will travel to France for examination after efforts to extract needed data failed, according to various reports.

The Guardian credits the information to U.S. and Egyptian officials.

The electronic boards of the records will be flown next week to the headquarters of the aviation investigation accident bureau near Paris, The Guardian reported. While in France, the boards will be repaired, salt from the ocean removed, and they will be repaired to Cairo where the hope is that they can be studied successfully, according to the Guardian.

The recorders contain conversations between the pilots and technical parameters from the flight, and could provide some enlightenment to the mystery of what caused the flight to go down, the BBC reported.

Egyptian investigators have been trying to inspect and remove salt from about 200 electrical paths to make sure that the circuitry is working well enough to allow the download of accurate data, the FlightGlobal website reported.

The recorders, also known as black boxes, were extensively damaged when EgyptAir Flight 804 traveling from Paris to Cairo plunged into the sea on May 19.

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