Its has been awhile since I got my hands on the Emerson Knives P-SARK SF Rescue knife. If you remember, this blade made my, “Top 5 Police blades” and I am still using it to this day. Traditionally when we think of blades we think of combat, or survival. Although the P-Shark can be used in either of those situations, its primary purse is to assist with extraction/rescue while preventing harm to the person in need of help.

To help accomplish this objective Emerson designed the P-Sark with a curved blade creating a safety tip (P-Shark), and the P-Shark SF with a sharp tip. Make no mistake, the tip on the SF is extremely sharp, however with the curved feature the user can easily cut away a seatbelt without injuring the trapped person. If the blade may be used in combat, I’d opt for the SF variant.

Emerson Knives P-Sark SF Blade

The handle is made of G-10 epoxy/ glass laminate. The best way for me to describe this would be a wood/metal rasp (file). You will be able to maintain your grip in dry, wet, cold, or hot environments. Again, an important consideration when you are thinking rescue.

Specifications of the P-Shark (courtesy of

  • Handles: Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate
  • Lock: Aerospace grade Titanium
  • Blade: 154 CM
  • Finish: Black or Satin Finish
  • Grind: Razor Sharp Chisel Grind

The P-Shark also comes with Emerson’s Wave technology. There is a metal tab fixed to the blade itself. When you pull this blade from your pocket it automatically opens. Once you get used to this feature you can actually deploy your blade faster than a button activated automatic blade.

Emerson Knives P-Sark SF Blade

Check out the video below to see how the P-Sark got its start.