The Eotech models of red dot optics made by L3 Communications have been an iconic piece of military hardware since the Global War on Terror started in 2001. These sights have been issued to hundreds of thousands of members of the police, military and law enforcement communities throughout the world. It is almost as popular in the civilian shooting community as well. That might all be changing in the very near future with the announced lawsuit and subsequent settlement between L3 Communications and the United States Government (US gov vs L3 communications case # 15cv-09262 United States District Court).

Those of you who might have not heard the news when it came out in November can read all about the 25+ Million dollar settlement that was agreed to by both parties in the case by following the links at the bottom of the page. In a nut shell Eotech maker L3 Communications lied and hid data that related to accuracy and thermal drift information during its extreme cold and hot testing of their optics.

Some people will say that they trust their Eotechs with their lives and that the problems that L3 and the United States Government have agreed to are exaggerated. That is not a debate that this article will wade into, instead we shall look into options for those Eotech owners who choose to follow the recall options that were laid out in the settlement. Eotech has agreed to buy back any and all Eotech red dot optics that users wish to return for the original purchase price plus $15 for shipping. If you are an Eotech owner what options now are available to you in the same price range? That’s where we here at the site can maybe shed some light on other brands and styles of optics. We narrowed it down to four choices.

Choice #1 : Vortex SPARC AR 

Video courtesy: Vortex Optics Youtube Page

Price: $200 Estimated

SPARC AR Highlights: