Although the majority of the individuals are actually scared of snakes, the good news is that most of these creatures are non-poisonous. As a matter of fact, approximately 3,000 species of these reptiles reside on the planet, and only 500 of those happen to be venomous; moreover, deaths or perpetual disability is caused by only about 250 species.

Snakes do not prefer to dispense their venom since it is highly energy-expensive for them. While most like to inject venom into the bodies of the victims whom they consume, only some of them will dispatch poison into humans; in fact, about 50% of the bites are actually “dry” where no venom is injected. In general, there is very little chance of receiving a dangerous bite from a highly venomous snake.

For instance, although there are many poisonous species in Australia only a few will cause demise. Below, we have mentioned some essential information regarding how to survive a venomous snake bite.

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