In a seismic shift for European defense, Norway’s Kongsberg has partnered with German powerhouses Diehl Defence and MBDA Deutschland to develop the 3SM Tyrfing, a next-generation hypersonic strike missile.

This unprecedented tripartite alliance signals a new era of unified European defense, with a cutting-edge weapon designed to pierce future threats.

A Hypersonic Spear for European Navies

The 3SM Tyrfing promises to be a technological marvel.

Capable of exceeding Mach 0.93 (714 mph or 1,148 km/h), this highly maneuverable missile will streak across vast distances at hypersonic speeds, leaving adversaries with split-second reaction times.

Designed to neutralize emerging surface threats, the Tyrfing will be a game-changer for the Norwegian and German navies, significantly bolstering their existing arsenal of Naval Strike Missiles (NSMs).

“As we have seen over the last 2 years, stand-off weapons are crucial for credible deterrence and defence,” said Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Deutschland. “Joining forces between our companies will strengthen the Norwegian, German, and European armed forces, improving the defence of our home nations.”

This collaborative effort represents a formidable pooling of expertise.

Naval Strike Missile
An NSM launch from USS Coronado (LCS-4) in September 2014. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Kongsberg brings its pedigree in developing cutting-edge missile technology, while Diehl Defence boasts a rich heritage in weapon systems engineering. MBDA Deutschland, a European leader in missile design, completes the team with its proven track record in air and sea-launched weaponry.