I recently had to travel to Alberta Canada for a business trip and wanted to ensure I had a minimal set of tools to effect my survival – just in case. Knowing I was going to have to deal with airport security and customs, I needed to choose gear that would pass their security scans and checks. I needed reliable everyday carry gear that wouldn’t ‘break the bank’ in the event it got confiscated during the security check points. Listed below is the minimal set of gear carried for the duration of my stay in Canada. I had other items with me in my day pack, but this short list is my baseline for what I will carry regardless of location.

One thing you want to keep in mind when traveling to other countries is their laws pertaining to knives and other concealed weapons. If you find yourself being questioned by local authorities you need to stay one step ahead by doing your homework on what’s legal, but the key is to blend in and not draw attention to yourself, thus avoiding this in the first place.

Blade – When traveling via airlines, I always put my knife in my checked bag. I prefer to always have a blade with my once I’m at my destination. When home, more often than not, I carry an Emerson knife, but I don’t want to risk some greedy TSA agent going through my bag and taking my higher end knife. When I set out to look for a knife to use when traveling, it had to meet certain criteria.

  • The knife had to be $50 or less (this way if it gets stolen I’m only out $50 at the most)
  • Full size pocket clip (personal preference. I wanted something similar to my Emerson clips)
  • Assisted opening so that it can be deployed quickly with one hand
  • Stainless steel liners for overall strength and durability.
  • A decent blade steel (something that holds a decent edge and is easy to maintain)
  • Non-threatening appearance (no crazy blade profiles or blade lengths over 3.5”)

After searching online based on my above criteria I settled on the Kershaw Blackout. This knife was on the top end of my budget, but it had all the features I was looking for, plus it’s made in the USA. I made a few modifications to fit my personal needs.