In the recent past we featured an article on the top 5 best mil surplus pistols that were available on the market at the time. Now on the website we decided to dive a little deeper into the subject and tackle the issue of military surplus long guns and why at least one should be in everyone’s firearms collection.

There was a time not entirely too long ago that I refer to as the “Golden Age” of military surplus firearms sales and trust me when I say this that those days were glorious. Sadly those days are gone and never to return again. In the early 1990’s a person could walk into any gun mom and pop style gun shop and for under $200 could walk out with a huge list of firearms that were still packed in cosmolene. Not just .22 caliber plinkers or old pump shotguns, but rifles in heavy hitting center fire calibers like .303 British, .30-06, 7.62x54R and 6.5x55mm.

I have stated that it is in my opinion as a writer, collector and enthusiast of almost all things related to firearms that I think that everyone should own a military surplus long gun. That fact is well established, but some people might ask why do I think that way? And if someone was going to get a military surplus rifle what should they get. Those questions are going to be answered in this article.

Why Collect Mil Surplus?