A former CIA director has said the European Union “in some ways gets in the way” of security services, as the debate continues over whether the UK would be safer in or out of the EU. Retired general Michael Hayden told the BBC the union was “not a natural contributor to national security”. Home Secretary Theresa May has said there are “good reasons” on the security front to stay in the EU.

An in-out referendum on UK membership of the EU takes place on 23 June. Security has been a key argument in the debate so far, with In campaigners saying being in the EU makes the UK safer, and Out campaigners arguing the opposite. Is Britain safer in or out of the EU?

It has intensified following Tuesday’s terror attacks on Brussels, which claimed 31 lives.

Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove said EU-based security bodies were of “little consequence” and that leaving the EU could boost Britain’s security.