A squadron of the one of the Nation’s most advanced fighter aircraft traveled from Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, to the 173rd Fighter Wing in Klamath Falls, Ore., for a two-week stint in late October 2022.

The 63rd Fighter Squadron, flying 14 F-35 Lightning II fighter jets, integrated with wing F-15 Eagles and contract F-5 adversary aircraft while also accomplishing airframe specific training during their stay.

“They are also a training unit, like us,” said Col. Lee Bouma, the 173rd Fighter Wing commander. “They are here to increase their training—their ramp is very busy, their airspace is very busy—and we have the ability to host them up here in some amazing airspace and get them some training for their students that they can’t readily get at home.”

Over their 13-day stay, the visiting unit flew 345 sorties, and tallied nearly 500 flying hours.