When a firearm platform has been around for a little while, major fixes to its shortcomings are addressed.  When a platform has been around as long as Eugene Stoners AR-10/15 has, the big issues have been taken care of and new products offered for that line are either designed to add functionality or to correct issues in the small-to-medium range.

Vid courtesy of Falcon 37’s youtube channel

Such is the design of Falcon 37’s product, the Habu.  It is a combination charging handle and cheek rest, but advertises an improvement that is more than the sum of its parts.  Lacking the traditional charging handle latch, the shooter places the off/weak/less abled hand on top of the Habu and racks it much like a pistol slide, using gross motor skills.  Gas venting out the rear of the upper receiver is ostensibly done underneath the cheek riser portion of the Habu, away from the shooter’s eyes.  The cheek riser not only raises the shooters ear to proper vertical level for most magnified optics, it also should allow a consistent and comfortable cheek weld when using PDW stocks.  The whole operation can be done with either hand in true ambi-fashion.  These are the advertised benefits, which I am excited to put to the test.