Sexual compatibility is essential for every marriage, and a lack thereof could lead to undesirable results in a couple’s love life. That goes without saying.

According to this 2013 research, intimacy dissatisfaction was one of the leading causes of 10% of failed marriages in Iran, where most citizens hold conservative views on sex. You could only imagine how much higher this number would be in places where people have more liberated views on sex. 

So does sexual incompatibility automatically lead to an unhappy marriage? Only sometimes, and experts will tell you that. You can always take measures to spice up your love life, and that’s what we’re covering in this short piece. Like most of our articles, we got input from some reputed experts. 

Tips From Sex Therapists to Spice Up Your Love Life

You’ll notice an underlying theme from these tidbits of tips: communication. It is the primary ingredient to a successful relationship, romantic or otherwise. 

Don’t Be Pressured to Finish

For many, getting to the finish line is the top priority during intercourse. They forget to make the most of their journey, which is the bulk of the experience. 

In particular, men forget that women require some heating up to prepare them for some action. They skip foreplay altogether, and that usually leads to a rushed and, at worst, forgettable experience. And you don’t want those bad nights to pile up, do you?

Gentlemen, never skip foreplay. Your ladies will love you more for it. And speaking of finishing, don’t pressure yourself to get there. That applies to both husband and wife.