Sweden and Finland have proclaimed their intent to join NATO in the backdrop of the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war in Europe.

The move, which is a drastic deviation from decades of military non-alignment between both countries, deals another blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin as his country struggles with the repercussions of his unjust invasion of Ukraine.

Finland’s parliament was the first to announce its bid to join the NATO alliance after Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and Prime Minister Sanna Marin made their proclamation on Sunday. Its close Nordic neighbor, Sweden, followed later that same day after the country’s ruling Social Democrats reversed their long-standing opposition to the move. SOFREP recently reported that the official announcement for them to join the alliance would come in the coming weeks, as Marin stated prior.

The Nordic countries’ shift to join NATO is the latest, and arguably the most prominent, development in the European security climate after Germany and other regional powers have announced that they will ramp up their defense spending in the coming years.