Finland looks set to halt all arms sales to the United Arab Emirates after images have emerged showing the UAE using Finnish-made weapons in Yemen’s civil war.

All eight candidates in Finland’s presidential elections vowed this week to halt arms sales to the UAE if elected into office in February.

The announcement came after a public outcry over images published earlier this month that showed the Emiratis using a Finnish made armoured vehicle in Yemen’s civil war.

Although Saudi Arabia – which is leading the Arab military coalition which is fighting in Yemen – is also a customer for Finnish-made weapons, no announcement was made to halt weapons sales to Riyadh.

Finland’s move should compel the British government to review its trading relations with the UAE

Joe ODell, International Campaign for Freedom in UAE 

During a public debate on Tuesday, incumbent Sauli Niinisto, said that Finland would halt arms exports to the UAE unless the situation inside Yemen changes.

“I think we should show restraint going forward and not grant permits as long as the situation in Yemen is what it seems to be,” Niinisto said.


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Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia