L2D Combat has emerged onto the scene of aftermarket Glock parts this year.  After four years of research and development and manufacturing parts for other companies they are now fully on their own and available to the public.  Unlike many other offerings for Glock L2D actually engineers and manufactures the parts.  These are not cheap imports stamped with a brand, nor are they factory parts with a little spit and polish.  Pricing reflects that, as well as the details put into their parts such as target crowns on barrels, smoothed edges on slide cuts, and extra hardening and polishing on strikers.

Protected fiber-optic front sight, fluted target barrel, and light-weight slide all by L2D Combat

These parts are up there in the list of dream parts for Glocks.  Not an upgrade, or a replacement, but rather a transformation pushing the limits of what our beloved Glocks are capable of.  Tolerances are tightened, and every detail considered.  Even details like enlarging and flaring the ejection port.  We all know Glocks for their reliability, so why take such a step?  Because we can.   To me the new Catalyst slide which will be on display at the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings in Atlanta, GA this weekend is to Glock what STI or Les Baer is to the 1911.  If you’re able to make it to the Annual Meetings be sure to swing by booth #5032 to see them in person.  If you’re like me and wonder how such details actually affect the way a Glock performs see the video below.