Even the hand guard from Ranger Proof is tabbed.

AR-15s have been described as the “barbie dolls for men”.  I prefer to look at them as Legos with which we can build any rifle, pistol, or Short-Barreled Rifle style we want from a $400 plinker, to $3,000 safe queens.  The available mix of after-market and factory parts is bewildering and offers more choice than a Las Vegas buffet.  But like a Las Vegas buffet there are some things that only look good and leave you wondering, “why” after consumption.  Have you ever wondered what the plate of a 30+ year Special Operations veteran would look like?  Or better yet if it was his restaurant?  Ranger Proof Arms is that restaurant with every ingredient chosen for a purpose, and many of them “grown” to his own specifications.  Unlike other flashy cool-guy-looking ARs Ranger Proof Arms are 100% American-made and sourced, purpose-built freedom dispensers.

A lot of features in just one photo of the Ranger Proof Arms Enhanced ELC

Ranger Proof Arms has four models listed on their site, but we got the honor of checking out a fifth model that blends the strength and affordability of the coyly tittled, “Ranger Proof Entry Level Carbine” with the extra-premium features of the Ranger Proof Carbine Mod 2.  This special blend of bold and smooth flavors will be titled, “Enhanced ELC” and available soon.  We here at The Arms Guide take our responsibilities to you seriously and so our field review will be a “full-spectrum operation” combining the technical and practical application of ex-spooky-guy Graham Baates of the Intelligence community, his unassuming-badass partner Erika, and some Ranger-Proofing from former Ranger Rex Nanorum.


There is a lot to this rifle, and since it’s not yet listed on the Ranger Proof Arms website, we’ve got the build description from the builder himself:


“The stock is a Bravo from B5 Systems.

Buffer tube: We spec the most amazing PWS Mod2 Enhanced Buffer Tube. Why? Well, it’s the best out there in our opinion. The ratcheting castle nut is perfect, not needing to be staked. The ID of the tube is consistent, and promotes very quiet spring movement.