Five years ago, Rob O’Neill chomped on a sandwich watching television at Bagram Airfield. Usama bin Laden’s dead body lay on a table next to him.

O’Neill was the reason bin Laden lay lifeless on that table May 1, 2011. He explained the details of the death of the world’s most notorious terrorist in a matter-of-fact manner years later to relatives of 9/11 victims.

“I explained how I went into a room and I saw him and he was standing 3 feet in front of me and he was a threat and I shot him,” O’Neill said Sunday on “Fox and Friends.”

O’Neill said he and his fellow Seal Team 6 members were still in the uniforms they wore on the mission when President Obama announced the death on television.

“I heard him say Usama bin Laden, I looked at Usama bin Laden – I thought, ‘How in the world did I get here from Butte, Montana?’” O’Neill said.

Even half a decade after bin Laden was taken out, little-known information about the operation and the hunt that led up to it is trickling in. O’Neill revealed Sunday that the much-publicized kidney ailment bin Laden was said to have and the dialysis machine he was said to have with him were merely counterintelligence myths propagated to weed out sources that were lying.

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