Sabrina de Sousa one of various CIA operatives who were undercover in Milan, Italy as accredited diplomats at the time of the 2003 extraordinary rendition operation. She was not included in a 2009 diplomatic immunity deal that was shared by her colleagues.

de Sousa was arrested in 2015 when she choose to move to Portugal despite her outstanding Interpol arrest warrant. Italian courts have pressed the issue with Sabrina de Sousa, and she is most likely to serve out the proposed six-year sentence in Italy.
“Judges reject Sabrina de Sousa’s case against extradition to Italy over her role in ‘extraordinary rendition’ program.

Portugal’s supreme court has rejected a former CIA operative’s appeal against extradition to Italy to serve a six-year sentence for her part in an “extraordinary rendition” program.

A court official said Sabrina de Sousa’s only remaining recourse is to appeal to Portugal’s constitutional court, arguing her extradition order is unconstitutional.

De Sousa was among 26 Americans convicted in absentia in Italy for the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric in Milan, when she was working in the country under diplomatic cover.

Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr – known as Abu Omar – was kidnapped by US agents in 2003 while walking down a street in Milan, allegedly with the knowledge and help of at least some Italian authorities.

Omar had been given political asylum in Italy in 2001 but fell under the suspicion of Italian – and, separately, US – authorities for his links to fundamentalist networks.

He was then flown to Cairo via the Ramstein US airbase in Germany, and was handed over to Egyptian authorities, who allegedly detained, interrogated and tortured him until his initial release in April 2004.”