NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Retired Four-star General Wesley Clark, stated that Putin’s goal was to obtain Ukraine, the Baltic states, and control over Eastern Europe during an interview with CNN last April 3.

Clark served as NATO’s SACEUR from 1997 to 200. CNN asked him about his thoughts on the current developments in Ukraine.

CNN anchor Bianca Nobilo asked Clark if Putin would just stop at Ukraine or would he want more.

“He wants Ukraine. He wants the Baltic states. He wants control over Eastern Europe. He wants to shatter NATO, and he wants the United States out,” the General said.

“All he’s trying to do right now is stall. He’d like to stall western reinforcement of Ukraine. He’d like have us emotionally, morally disarmed to think that’s all he wants, but it isn’t.”

He also claimed that Putin wanted to disrupt the international system, that Russia was working in cahoots with China on the sidelines, and had its own plans with Taiwan.

“Ukraine is just the current battlefield, but if Ukrainians defeat Russia on this battlefield, everything changes. So the best way to protect NATO, the best way to protect the international system, is to give Ukraine the assistance it says it needs and let them handle Russia on this battlefield,” he explained.

Retired four star General Wesley Clark during a press conference in the Pentagon (Wikimedia Commons, DoD photo by R.D. Ward). Source:,_2000.jpg#filelinks
Retired Four-star General Wesley Clark during a press conference in the Pentagon (DoD photo by R. D. Ward, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Following Ukraine’s report that the entirety of Kyiv had been liberated, Nobilo asked the General whether Russians were regrouping for a later attack on Kyiv. Russia claimed that it was focusing on “liberating” the entirety of Donbas, revealing that it was the “true goal” of the invasion.